Careline Care & Glow Foundation

Careline Care & Glow Foundation

AdinaB Salon

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Make-up with care components that provide perfect coverage, glowing skin and unique durability for 16 hours.

Make-up excels in a light and airy texture, nourishes the skin, moisturizes and protects it from environmental and climate damage. The creamy mousse texture blends well with the skin, giving it a soft and supple feel. Based on SILOGENIC technology, it gives a glowing effect thanks to a combination of unique ingredients: powder-coated silicones and silicone-coated pigments that give a particularly glowing complexion. Hyaluronic acid that raises the level of moisture in the skin and creates a unique, airy texture that provides perfect yet light coverage.

Advantages :

    • Special pigments that ensure durability and uniform skin tone.
    • A silicone complex that gives an airy feeling of 'breathing' even in warm, humid weather.
    • Durability in Israeli weather conditions for 16 hours 
    • Continuous moisture - for a relaxed feeling over time.
    • SPF 18 sunscreen protection

For Normal and Combination Skin